Discover the “Digital Customer Engine” to Triple Your Customer Base

Donna and her team can help you with their powerful Done-For-You-System that connects you with more customers, strengthens their loyalty, and steadily grows your business.

Donna Gunter, President, BizSmart Local

Donna Gunter, certified Internet Marketing Specialist, has been working with small business owners since 1999 to help them gain more visibility online and get more attention for their businesses.

Today, she does this through her Digital Customer Engine System, where she works with her team who is dedicated to making your business look amazing every single day. Instead of taking time out of your day to manage your website, Facebook page, and existing customer marketing... we do it for you. All you have to do is sign up and our team will walk you through everything that is going to happen daily to market your business online. You simply approve the key elements and we get to work.

Our Engine Transforms Your Website Into A High-Performance Customer Magnet

There's a lot of fluff that goes into generic website design. We've removed the distractions and designed a highly effective template that produces results. Focusing on key elements that reel in prospective clients and prompt them to book with you.

Our Engine Creates Stand-Out, Daily Facebook Brand Experiences
That Attract Prospects And Engage Your Current Customers

We've created a simple, yet incredibly effective, Facebook strategy that will create a lasting impression. Potential clients will be impressed by your professional appearance, while current clients will stay intrigued by your thoughtful content.

Our Engine Actively Strengthens Customer Loyalty And Encourages Them To Come Back More Often Via Automated, Monthly Reach-out Campaigns

We employ a strategic approach that is simple, but powerful. It maintains your relevance to current customers, influencing them to continue working with you while strengthening their loyalty. Better yet, it prevents your customers from becoming easily stolen targets by your competition. 


"In just a week, Florunique was all over the Internet! I actually know now what to do next. Donna's knowledge and availability to answer my questions provide me with great comfort - in lingo that even a novice such myself can understand!"

Winnie Van Heerden

President, Florunique

"I always learn a lot from Donna! She has so many different & out-of-the-box ideas that we can implement to market our business. Looking forward to working with her."

JoAnne Barton

co-owner, Barton Glass

"WOW! The media coverage today was fantastic! Our interview was seen across the United States on dozens of TV stations! We are very excited about the exposure for our insurance agency. Our phone has been ringing all morning! Thanks go to Donna Gunter of BizSmart Media for making this so easy. I know insurance, not media relations. Donna made the process a breeze! And the results exceeded anything I expected!"

Willie Miller

President, Miller Insurance